Coleman Two-Burner Camp Stove

In the event that YOU NEED A Flexible Outside COOKER THAT CAN Rotisserie, Barbecue, OR SMOKE WITH GAS OR CHARCOAL, WE Totally LOVE

There is not at all like an outdoors trek and cooking out in the forested areas, yet it’s significantly simpler on the off chance that you have some kind of stove to do the cooking on. The Coleman two-burner stove has been around for quite a long time. it is a standout amongst the most very much preferred and delighted in extravagances of outdoors.

Features & Details

  • 20,000 BTUs
  • Wind-shield
  • Convenient size (22.8 x 13.6 x 4.6)
  • Portable & Light-weight (11 pounds)

This is a propane stove that puts out 20,000 all out BTUs between the two burners.

It has a breeze shield to secure amid breezy conditions and a weight control frameworks that has been around for a long time.

This stove is sufficiently extensive to utilize medium measured pots and dish on, however little and light-weight enough for simple versatility.

It works incredible for little to medium supper preparing and makes it less demanding than cooking over an open pit fire.


Too huge and overwhelming for exploring it.

Doesn’t cook as quick as a higher BTU stove, yet works splendid for slower cooking and little to medium suppers.

you require some sort of lighting gadget. It doesn’t come outfitted with an ignitor.

Propane bottles don’t fit inside for simple stockpiling. they must be put away and conveyed independently. you may need to buy some kind of rucksack for putting away and conveying the propane canisters.

Despite the fact that it has a breeze shield, it’s not intended for use in high breezes.


Light-weight and simple to oversee at camp set up.

Utilizations the sink propane bottles. No all the more pulling jars of camp fuel and filling a supply.

It weighs under 12 pounds, yet in case you’re exploring you will not have to take this along. it is best set up on a durable rundown that has been assigned as the kitchen territory.

The breeze shield helps square little breezes.

Has a handle for every burner so you can alter them autonomously.

What Customers are Saying


The ergonomics of the stove isn’t too awful, its structured rather well.

I can’t stress enough how neatly this stove consumes!

I like the way that the two burners put out a similar measure of warmth and I don’t need to switch the container forward and backward on the burners.

Cooks soup, chicken, and hotdogs at indistinguishable rate as cooking at home.

This item had exactly the intended effect – it warmed everything up, from bean stew at night, to the espresso toward the beginning of the day in a matter of moments.

Other Critical Data

This is a wonderful stove to have if your power goes out at home regardless you need something to cook on. it’s exceptionally light-weight and stores effectively, either in a capacity building or on a rack in the pantry. It sets up brisk and simple. You just open the stove, connect the propane canister and light. This item should allow you quite a long while of happiness and ease of use.

In case you’re planning to do a considerable amount of outdoors, this Coleman Two-Burner Stove will give you huge amounts of preparing delight and make supper time a lot less demanding.

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