Cuisinart Outdoor Electric Tabletop Grill, CEG-980 reviews

The Cuisinart Open air Electric Tabletop Portable Grill , CEG-980 that truly supply you a dependable barbecuing execution and the flavor. Its sets fits effectively on porch or in open air zone, an incredible spot that charcoal grill are not permitted. Eventhough the Portable Grill is mastermind with the adequate cooking grate is sufficiently substantial to cook progressively, much the same as family dinners, 8 burgers, or more than 4 lbs. of fish. It has sufficiently high temperature to burn a steak, in light of the fact that the warms brisk. It has a collapsing legs and it fills by pressing thightly all over. At that point it is plug anyplace in your family electrical repository, The UL is likewise endorsed for outside use.

Item Highlights:

  • Convenient electric grill with 145-square-inch barbecuing territory and extending stand
  • Cooks 8 burgers, 8 steaks, 6 to 10 chicken bosoms, or 4 pounds of fish on the double
  • Incredible 1,500-watt, 5,120 BTU burner and porcelain-enameled flame broiler grind
  • Fittings into standard electric outlet; stand sets up and stashes in a moment or two
  • Articulated folder case style conveying handle; gauges 17 pounds
  • 145 square inches flame broiling surface
  • 1500 watts, 120v/60hz
  • Advantageous extending base for simple stockpiling and happy with outdoor electric grill stature

Some Customer Opinions about Cuisinart Outdoor Electric Tabletop Grill, CEG-980:

“Our shoreline condominium is bound by a law disallowing any yet electric barbecues. Most barbecues checked on show an absence of warming capacity. When we purchased our first grill we observed it to be useless. This one, acquired when our actual griller child was visiting is Amazing! Indeed, even singes steaks! We even need to bring down the warmth. In spite of the fact that it seems powerless to tabletop electric grill much at once, he completed 5 huge ribeyes at one time with no issue. Would suggest this barbecue and it’s not costly!”


“I needed an indoor barbecue and misread the depiction of this item. I offered it to my child who has a porch where it tends to be utilized. I don’t have a survey from them on the My child was inspired with it’s construction.quality of this item as of now. It is well made and seems as though it will function admirably.”


“I live in a greenery enclosure high rise and open fire flame broils are not permitted. We purchased this electric barbecue, which is permitted. We truly appreciate it. It cooks likewise to charcoal and gives great “lines” on meat. It has a minimized size, which functions admirably on our overhang. It is little enough to store effectively in our wardrobe when we are done. A lot of room on the barbecue to cook for 4 individuals. Warms up very rapidly. I would suggest this grill.”


You can read more real customer comments at the . They also offer free shipping, which is nice.


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